About Summon

For the longest time, prestige car owners have had two choices for selling their car; sell to a Dealer (and get an ok deal) or sell privately (and put up with the hassle). Finally there is a third choice, Summon does all the hard work for you, and provides you with a great sale price and cash in your hand.

Our mission

At Summon, our mission is to make it easier and fairer for Australian’s to sell their cars. Summon was borne out of our personal frustration with needing to sell a used car, and having to decide between two bad choices; trade-in with a dealer (and get a low price), or sell privately (which as busy people with young families is too time consuming). We asked ourselves, why wasn’t there a better way?

A better choice

Enter Summon - we provide a better alternative to selling your car privately or selling to a dealership. Summon is a concierge service for selling your prestige car - we follow the same process as if you were selling the car yourself, but we use technology to make the process smoother, and our expertise to get the best market value for your car.

Looking ahead

In the future, our goal is to make our process and technology available to the public, so that people with any car (not just prestige cars) have the ability to sell their cars privately in a better way. For more about how the Summon process works, the costs and what is included, please visit our FAQ page.

We look forward to helping you sell your prestige car!

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Summon currently operates in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane

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