Whether you are planning to sell your car privately, sell to a dealer or get help from Summon, we want to give you the best tools and advice to help make the process as pain-free as possible and ensure you get the most value for your prestige car. The articles, guides and resources below we hope can help to make selling your prestige used car, or any car for that matter, a joyful experience.

How to sell a car on consignment

Thinking about selling your car on consignment? Read our tips first

Summon launch exclusive partnership with ONDA

Summon are pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with ONDA, providing financial administration services for busy Australian individuals and families

Summon partners with Chartered Accountants and Law Institute of Victoria

Summon have partnered with Chartered Accountants ANZ and Law Institute of Victoria to offer exclusive concierge services for members

Buying a prestige car? Read our Buyer Guides for tips on getting the best price and the right car

Summon have launched Australia’s first full ecommerce service for prestige cars, offering enthusiasts a completely contactless way to buy and sell vehicles privately.

Summon recognised in Australia’s International Good Design Awards for Design Excellence

Summon has received a prestigious Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Service Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation.

Summon launches Australia’s first eCommerce service for prestige car owners

Summon have launched Australia’s first full ecommerce service for prestige cars, offering enthusiasts a completely contactless way to buy and sell vehicles privately.

Used car sales in lockdown, turning the corner?

With strict lockdowns in place in Australia’s two largest car markets, what has been the impact on how long it takes to sell a used car?

Selling your car privately during lockdowns

With rolling lockdowns seemingly a part of life in Australia for the next six months, how do you sell your car privately?

Award-winning service

In the past month Summon have been recognised in two industry award programs for the quality of our service to customers, and our differentiation in the market.

Celebrating 100 customers with Summon

We're celebrating a major milestone for Summon this month - we just signed up our 100th customer! That's 100 prestige cars entrusted by the owner with us to sell on their behalf, and the average value of our customer's cars is $100,000. Now onto the next 100!

Porsche 911 991 GTS prices - at their peak?

We recently (May 2021) did some research into appreciation / depreciation of Porsche 911 GTS’, along with a couple of other models. What we found surprised us, and made us question whether prices have peaked, or will continue to rise.

The fastest (selling) prestige cars in Australia

As most Australian’s will be aware, used car prices have been running hot for the past six months, having experienced a ‘COVID bounce’ like never seen before. We wanted to see how this was affecting the speed at which cars are selling, and which makes and models are selling the fastest.

How to take incredible photos of your prestige car before sale

If you are planning on selling your prestige car yourself privately, do yourself and your car a favour and take high quality photos of your car. Download our free guide and get started taking great photos.

Free PPSR check for prestige cars

If you are buying or selling a car privately, you will want to perform a PPSR check to confirm the car has not been stolen or written off, and whether there is finance owing. We are now offering a free PPSR check service for a range of prestige cars.

How to get the best trade-in price for your prestige car

If you are considering trading-in your prestige car, you are probably expecting to be disappointed with the price on offer. Here are our tips for how to get the best possible trade-in price for your car.

The 2020 Australian car sales rollercoaster

With the release of the new car sales figures for July, we can see just what the impact of phased lockdowns across Australia has meant for the automotive sales industry. A dramatic drop in April was followed by an incredible high in June, which seems to be a bounce not likely to be repeated until the current lockdown's are relaxed.

Dream Garage Zoom Backgrounds

If you’re anything like us, our life has turned into a never-ending schedule of Zoom calls, and meantime our cars collect dust in the garage. This gave us the idea to combine the two - now you can show off your (dream) garage to your workmates on your next video call, and best of all your car always looks like it’s come straight from the valet!

Guide to selling a prestige used car

If you’re planning on selling a prestige car soon, you’re probably trying to decide between selling the car privately (what a hassle), or selling it to a dealer (which can mean you don’t get as good a price). We’re here to help take the hassle out of selling privately, and have put together a guide with ideas and suggestions, along with a free downloadable checklist.

Calculator: selling private vs dealer

For most people looking to sell a car, there are three options; sell the car privately, sell the car to a dealer, or sell with a dealer on consignment. Each of these will leave a different amount of money in your pocket, and this calculator helps you learn what that could be. So whether you plan to sell privately, or to a dealer - make an informed decision first.

How much is my car worth? Solving the impossible challenge!

If you’re selling a prestige car, it’s important to know it’s true worth. There are a number of independent valuation Web sites in Australia, and we have put them to the test. The results prove just how difficult it can be to work out the correct value of your car.

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