Free PPSR check for any Porsche

For a limited time only we are offering free PPSR / VIN checks for any Porsche. No Porsche? No problem! Our PPSR check for any other car is only $5.00

Any Porsche


Other Brands


Our car verification check shows the latest information from the official Government PPSR & NEVDIS databases. We show you the stolen vehicle check, finance check, write-off history and also provide your with the official PPSR certificate (PDF).

Important information:
  • Free searches are limited to 3 searches per person / email address.
  • Available only to Vic registered cars
  • PPSR Certificate will be delivered within 24 hours

Sell your prestige car with our concierge service. Great value, no hassles.

Sit back and relax. Our experienced team will sell your prestige car for you, for the best price. Summon provides a streamlined way to sell safely and easily, minus the hassle of selling privately, plus a better price than selling to a dealer.

Yes, the best of both worlds

Finally it’s possible to combine the ease of selling your car to a dealer, with the value you get from selling privately. Why compromise, when you can summon us?

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