Sell your car with Summon

By selling your prestige car with Summon’s unique concierge service, you can get the best of both worlds. The ease of selling to a dealer and the value of selling privately.

Sell with Summon

We advertise and sell
your car for you

  • You get a great price
  • You keep your car until sold
  • We take photos & create your ad
  • We collect the car from your home
  • Leave the test-drives to us
  • We handle the $$ and rego

Sell to a Dealer

You sell your car or trade-in to a dealer at a wholesale price

  • Your car is sold quickly
  • The dealer helps with paperwork
  • Lack of price transparency
  • You don’t get the best price

Sell privately

You advertise and sell your car yourself

  • No dealer fees or commissions
  • You take photos and create ads
  • You field time-wasting calls
  • You organise and do test-drives
  • You try to get money from buyer
  • You do the paperwork yourself

How it works

Summon is a full concierge service for selling your car. We will collect, clean, professionally photograph and list your car for sale, field phone calls and enquiries, collect the car and take the test drives, negotiate and provide a safe and reliable funds transfer to you. We’ll also help with the Roadworthy / Safety check and transfer of ownership.

Sell with Summon, or to a Dealer?

For the longest time, prestige car owners have had two choices for selling their car; sell to a Dealer (which is fast and convienient, but you don’t get the best price) or sell privately (which can take a long time and you have to deal with all the hassles).

Finally there is a third choice. Summon does all the hard work for you, and provides you with a great sale.

Ready to get started? Tell us about your car
SummonSell to a DealerRetail value /sale price of car(Less) Selling costs(Equals) yourcash in handWhy choose this?$80,000$74,250$68,0006%$950$80,00010%-20%$6,250listing feeDealer costs& margin 1Your car is soldimmediatelycommissionYou saveVS
1 Based on average difference to private seller price from Summon research, varies depending on trade-in vs wholesale prices. We recommend getting a trade-in car valuation from a trusted dealer.

Ready to get your selling started?

To get started, all you need to do is tell us a little about your car. We will then let you know our valuation (a recommended listing price) for the car, along with a no-obligation quote from Summon for our concierge services.

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