Sell your prestige car with our concierge service. Great value, no hassles.

Sit back and relax. Our experienced team will sell your prestige car for you, for the best price. Summon provides a streamlined way to sell safely and easily, minus the hassle of selling privately, plus a better price than selling to a dealer.

You guys have been outstanding to work with, I still can’t believe you got it away in the middle of this lockdown! It is a great idea for a business and the execution is faultless - Simon H. Audi RS Q3

Yes, the best of both worlds

Finally it’s possible to combine the ease of selling your car to a dealer, with the value you get from selling privately. Why compromise, when you can summon us?

Our selling superpowers

Summon will take all the pain out of selling your prestige car. It’s super easy, and you could save serious money compared to selling to a car dealer or wholesaler.

Your car deserves to look this good

We work with leading automotive photographers and specialist car detailers to make sure every customer’s car looks incredible. Your car deserves the best, and buyers will drool over it.

Love your car but need to set it free?

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Know your car is in safe hands

With the Summon mobile app* you can keep tabs on your car during test-drives, view interest levels and enquiries plus see offers for your car.
* mobile app coming soon

Summon in summary

Below is an outline of the process (a “summonary”?) of selling with Summon, and everything we do to help you sell your car for the best possible price. Expand each row to see more detail about each of the steps.

1. Market Valuation

Using tools that dealers use to accurately price cars for sale, we will recommend a price that will help sell your car, and maximise cash in your pocket.

  • You provide us with information about the car such as condition, remaining warranty (if any), service history, factory and non-factory options
  • Together we will agree on the right price with which to advertise the car - to help with this we use industry data that is normally only available to car dealers combined with our proprietary data and experience
2. Photography

We will collect the car from you, clean it and take professional photos that will attract the right buyers, and return the car to you the same day.

  • We will collect your car from your house (or work), wash and clean the car, take professional photography, and return your car to you the same day
  • Professional photography will help to ensure we attract the right buyer, and present your car in the best possible light - maximising the sale price of your car
3. Advertising on Carsales, Drive, CarsGuide and Autotrader

We will write a great description of your car, place the ads for your car in the right places (e.g. and monitor interest and enquiries.

4. Test Drives

You let us know suitable times for us to collect the car, and we’ll coordinate and do the test drives. You can monitor these with the Summon app.

  • We will field all enquiries for the car from interested parties
  • When a test-drive is requested, we do an ID + drivers licence check and in some cases will take a security deposit from the interested party
  • We will arrange a time to collect the car from you, and will do the test-drive with the interested party (where possible we will group several test-drives on the same day). We will clean the car before each test-drive so that it looks great! After the test-drives are finished for the day, we will return the car to you
  • In the interests of social-distancing, our first "test-drive" will take place with the prospective buyer over a live video call (using FaceTime or Zoom)
  • We will take care of each test-drive until the car is sold
  • We take all necessary hygiene practices to keep you, our customers and our team safe, including disinfecting all touch surfaces before and after a test-drive
  • Our mobile app will show you details of each test-drive such as the distance travelled, a map showing where the car was driven, so you know your car is being driven responsibly
  • If a vehicle inspection is requested by the potential buyer, we will take care of this for you (this is paid for by the buyer)
5. Negotiation

We will assist with negotiation with interested buyers (always with your permission) to get the best possible price for you.

  • Once we receive an offer for the car, we will help with negotiation on your behalf to reach an agreed sale price
6. Completion

We will organise the roadworthy, arrange funds transfer from the buyer, assist with registration paperwork and do the keys hand-over.

  • We will (as much as possible) assist with the paperwork required for the sale, such as registration check, PPSR (finance/loan) check, licence check, vehicle transfer forms and providing a receipt to the buyer
  • We will organise a Roadworthy Certificate for your car (this must be completed no more than 30 days before the sale of the car)
  • We will facilitate a process for the transfer of ownership / keys and receipt of money by you
  • Once the sale is finalised and you have received the funds, we will collect the car from you and deliver it to the new owner

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