Cleaning and detailing

Our cleaning and detailing service

We will prepare the interior and exterior of your car in the following manner:

  • Paint decontamination and quick detail - we will clean dirt and foreign manner from your paint and exterior surfaces, by hand, including the use of a clay bar if required (ask us for more details on this if you are uncertain as to what this means). This is the lowest impact method of taking your car's paint back to a factory showroom state prior to application of a protective layer. This ensures your paintwork will look fantastic in photography.
  • Protective layer - we will either use a liquid protective solution or hand applied wax (for cars with immaculate paint that has not required a clay bar, this will typically be a wipe on QD/show solution...for cars that have required a clay bar this stage may involve a coating of hand applied wax).
  • Interior - we will vaccuum the carpets and clean all touch points of the vehicle, including seats. We may use a leather cleaner and nourisher on leather surfaces such as seats, steering wheel and door handles.

Our aim - to clean and prepare your car through the most sympathetic and least aggressive methods available, to ensure no degradation of your paint or exterior surfaces. It is possible to clean quickly using aggressive chemicals however this inevitably has some impact on the long term performance and visual state of the vehicle surface as well as the potential for unintended side effects, such as faded trim and badge items.

What we don't do;

  • Use power tools to facilitate a 'paint correction' of your vehicle.
  • Resurface and refinish exterior vinyl/plastic components (ie machine polishing headlight lenses, badging, chrome work)/

Cleaning FAQ

What is a 'detail' - the word 'detail' is used in a variety of contexts to mean different things. For those working in the professional detailing space, who would typically take a client car for a day or two at minimum, an entry level detail would include several passes of paint decontamination, some level of power tool based paint correction, removal of wheels, taping and refinishing of badges and trim items. The paint would then be coated with either ppf or a ceramic coating or several layers of wax (all with the aim of providing paint protection for 6 - 24 months). The commercial price of a detail would usually range from $1200 to $10000 depending on the level of work undertaken and the initial state of the car. Some cleaning services offer a 'detail' that can be undertaken in 2 - 3 hours. While using the word 'detail', this would typically be a clean followed by a minor level of paint protection.

What is a QD/Show solution - these products are wipe on solutions, designed to produce a glossy and lustrous finish on a vehicle's paint. They are designed to look their best for 24 hours and typically used to provide both protection to the paint and 'show' the vehicle to viewers at car shows etc.

What is a Clay Bar - a sticky type of bar, a little like playdo in appearance. A clay bar is rubbed over paint, with a lubricant, to lift surface contaminants out of the paint, that would not come out by other means (pressure hose, hand sponge etc). A vehicle that has spent its life outdoors or parked under a tree will typically benefit from a clay bar.

What is a Sympathetic clean - A method of cleaning that ensures little to no impact on the surface you are cleaning. An abrasive cloth and harsh chemical cleaner will clean any surface...however this will likely also harm the surface (in a vehicle context, cause scratches or degradation to paint and material). A 'one pass' wipe method will clean paintwork in a very soft manner but may not remove stubborn stains or chemical buildup on the paint. Such stains and contaminants are best removed via a clay bar, which is also a very gentle method of cleaning a paint surface.

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