Calculator: Selling Privately vs Selling to a Dealer

If you are weighing up what the best way to sell your prestige car might be, this calculator is here to help. Whether you are selling an Audi, a BMW or a Porsche - the discount you pay when selling to a Dealer can be hefty. But of course, it’s also really convenient and you get cash for your car quickly. If you’re not in a hurry, selling your prestige car privately might be the best option, if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort yourself. For everyone else… well that’s why Summon exists.

Use the calculator below to get a guide for how much you could get for your car if you sold it privately, to a dealership, to a dealer on consignment or with Summon.

Start by entering the estimated value of your prestige car. If you need help with working out an estimated value, either contact us or read through our recommendations in our 2020 guide and checklist for selling your prestige car privately.

Enter the estimated current value of your car (minimum $50,000)

From a $ sale price, you could get...


Wholesale or dealer
trade-in price1

  • Your car is sold immediately
  • The dealer helps with paperwork
  • You don’t get the best price


Sell your car on

  • You’re without your car until it sells
  • Not legal in Victoria
  • The dealer fields enquiries
  • The dealer arranges test-drives
  • The dealer helps with paperwork


We advertise and sell
your car for you

  • You keep your car until sold
  • We take photos & create your ad
  • We collect the car from your home
  • Leave the test-drives to us
  • We help with the $$ and paperwork
Enquire now


Privately advertise
and sell your car3

  • No dealer fees or commissions
  • You have to take photos and create an ad
  • You field time-wasting calls and emails
  • You have to organise and do test-drives
  • You have to safely get $$ from the buyer

1. Average 18% less than private seller price based on Summon research. 2. Typical $1,000 listing fee + 10% commission. 3. After costs of ad listing fees, detailing, petrol and roadworthy