Dream Garage Zoom Backgrounds

Now that we’re spending all our days on Zoom calls, we thought it was an opportune time for you to subtly show off the contents of your garage… you know, the one conveniently located behind your home office of course.

Ready to #humblebrag?

To start, download your favourite Zoom Background from the choices below.

To create a custom background in Zoom, either go to Preferences or select the ‘Virtual Background’ option from beside the ‘Start Video’ / ‘Stop Video’ button in the bottom menu. Then click on the + icon to upload your own image.

Now try to keep a straight face as your friends and colleagues enviously study your garage.

At Summon, we are now doing “virtual test-drives” over Zoom, allowing buyers of our prestige cars to look around, ask questions and get up close and personal with the car without leaving your own home. Summon is an Australian concierge service for selling your prestige car.

Download Gallery

Ferrari 458 Speciale~ Photo credits ~
Marah Bashir @marahbashir
Alistair Smith @eagleeyevisuals
Ferrari 812 Superfast~ Photo credits ~
Porsche 911 (997)~ Photo credits ~
Ferrari F12tdf~ Photo credits ~
Alexander Pemberton @socios
Spencer Davis @spencerdavis
Lamborghini Huracán~ Photo credits ~
Alexander Pemberton @socios
Jerry Zhang @jerryzhanggg
Ferrari 456 GT~ Photo credits ~
Li Yang @ly0ns
Alex Suprun @sooprun
Porsche 356~ Photo credits ~
Li Yang @ly0ns
Oli Woodman @braintax
Ferrari F12tdf ~ Photo credits ~
Mercedes SLS AMG ~ Photo credits ~
Marah Bashir @marahbashir
Markus Spiske @markusspiske