2013 Toyota Landcruiser Sahara VDJ200R price

Toyota Landcruiser Sahara VDJ200R SUV private sale price guide in Australia

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$68,017 - $83,874*

Summon price guide for Landcruiser Sahara VDJ200R SUV with 159,816 km in Australia

This is a price estimate and valuation based on based on private and dealer sales and advertisements from the past 12 months. The estimate is based on the average mileage of 2013 Toyota Sahara VDJ200R vehicles in our database.

This price range is based on a sample of 83 matching Australian cars that have sold / been listed for sale in the last 12 months. We have high confidence in this price guide.

Body Type
8cyl 4.5L Turbo Diesel
159,816 km
Avg. mileage
Median. price
Avg. days to
Cars in sample

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Explore Landcruiser Sahara based on year and series

YearMedian priceAvg. mileageSeriesDetails
2021$146,5002,836 kmVDJ200RView
2020$134,99015,990 kmVDJ200RView
2019$126,99938,759 kmVDJ200RView
2018$116,00058,894 kmVDJ200RView
2017$105,99079,568 kmVDJ200RView
2016$98,000101,302 kmVDJ200RView
2015$86,990124,383 kmVDJ200RView
2014$82,640135,647 kmVDJ200RView
2014$74,999119,625 kmURJ202RView
2013$75,946159,816 kmVDJ200RSelected
2012$73,888180,507 kmVDJ200RView
2011$68,500198,920 kmVDJ200RView
2011$61,240187,874 kmUZJ200RView
2010$62,995223,921 kmVDJ200RView
2009$55,990221,018 kmVDJ200RView
2008$47,988204,343 kmUZJ200RView
2008$55,000252,697 kmVDJ200RView
2007$54,989214,049 kmVDJ200RView
2007$46,745212,253 kmUZJ200RView
2006$53,750254,603 kmHDJ100RView
2005$36,880234,068 kmUZJ100RView
2005$47,500297,337 kmHDJ100RView
2004$45,000319,696 kmHDJ100RView
2004$38,425213,431 kmUZJ100RView
2003$40,000314,995 kmHDJ100RView

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* All price guides are based on Excluding Government Charge (EGC) sale prices.
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